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Get to know the best speedcubers in our community. Get tips and find out what hardware they're using.

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Curious to find out who runs this website? our team consists of speedcubers and speedcubers only.


Can't figure out how to solve a Rubik's cube? learn from us and become a speedcuber!


Interact with others in the speed cubing community and participate in fun polls and competitions.


Find out about our upcoming WCA competitions or read about the one's we've organized in the past.


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Why Cubenama?

It started of as an idea, it always does. The goal was to bring together cubers throughout the community, to have a platform where we can stand united and improve together. What makes us proud is that we were actually able to make this idea a reality.No, we’re not there yet, we’re far from our end goal, but I’m sure we’ll get there. The one thing that drives us, inspires us to do more is the “community”,  and I’m going to focusing on that word a lot. That is what created Cubenama, that is what keeps us alive.This website is meant to be a place where we have it all, be it tutorials, contests, blogs or anything else that relates to cubing. We recognize that the family of cubers is a pretty small one and we intend to bring more and more people in. We want to promote this as an art, a sport. We want the world to know that a speedcuber isn’t born in a day, but it’s months of practice and dedication that drives us. We want to keep speedcubing alive and glorious, and for that we’ll give it our all.

Cubenama Team :



Many people have ideas, Soham is amongst the few that turn their ideas into reality. When he first started participating in competitions, he saw a huge room for improvement in the way they’re organized. He soon got into organizing himself, raising the standard of Mumbai competitions slowly, but surely. His dream is to one day organize the Indian Nationals, and something tells me it’ll be the best one ever.

Shantanu Awale


Driven by speed, just learning to cube wasn’t enough for Shantanu. He wanted to get faster and better, and so he did. Today, Shantanu is one of the most well known Rubik’s cube magicians. With a speedcubing experience of over 5 years, he’s the smallest bit away from being the first sub 10 Cubenama member.



Amar might look like a sweet old man, but when he starts his laptop, he becomes a roaring lion. Already a UWR holder for doing an entire round of BLD entries in just 1 minute and 26 minutes (15 people), there is a reason why they call him “Mr. Data Manager”. Amar has been working for Cubenama for over a year and has been a key part behind the success of many competitions.