Udaan Rubik's Cube Open 18

Udaan was Cubenama's first speedcubing competition. With almost 150 participants and 10 events, this competition made for us memories too nostalgic to forget.


Quark 2018 was our first competition as an official store partner. It was a refreshing to see the growth of cubing in Goa and memorable experience overall.

Delhi Cubing Heat Wave Open 18

Working alongside Capital Cubing as an Official store partner was an amazing experience to say the least. We really enjoyed to meet and greet cubers from the northern side.

Phoenix Cube Championship 18

We went big. 150+ Competitors. One of the biggest malls in the country as our venue partner. Prizes worth over 2,00,000 INR. Officially the biggest Cubenama competition to date.

oculus cube open 2019

Oculus Cube Open was the second edition to our very first competition Udaan Open held at Sardar Patel Institute Of Technology. We witnessed some great performances and a big step up with a monumental mosaic artwork.

Phoenix Cube Challenge 2019

Our biggest competition till date and also the second edition to our most liked competition last year. Phoenix witnessed a competitor list of 182. Thanks to our sponsors and event partners we managed to pull off a great show.

Sponsors & partners that have made these competitions possible for us.

“Udaan open was the first good Mumbai competition in a while. It was ahead of schedule, had fun official events which took the pressure off and ran smoothly. Although there were certain drawbacks like the address being confusing, it was a good competition overall."
Alaik Bhatia
Udaan Rubik's Cube Open 18
“Phoenix Cube Championship was an exciting, fun-frolic and stoic Mumbai competition. A lot of young and veteran talent competed and shared the joy of being a part of the speedcubing community. It was a rain battered but satisfying Mumbai competition."
Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar
Phoenix Cube Championship 18

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