Delhi cubing heatwave 18



It didn’t take us a second to say yes, when Capital Cubing asked us to Sponsor a competition they would be organizing. Delhi Cubing Heatwave Open was our first time working with CC, and it was an amazing experience. For the most part, we kept behind the barricades, keeping ourselves focused at the store, but just from looking around, we learned a lot about organizing. We’re only inspired to work with other communities across the country to help organize better competitions. 






National Records


Winning Avg

A look back ..

Delhi Cubing Heat Wave was our first competition in Delhi. It turned out to be an amazing experience for us both as sponsors, and participants. The best thing about it was getting to know a whole new community of cubers. We’d a lot of fun interacting with everyone around, and went home smiling.

Meeting new people and all is cool, but what turned our heads around was Ujjawal Pabreja smashing the oldest standing record in Indian cubing history. With his 8.52 sec One handed single, he surprised us all before getting a 5.57 sec 3×3 single to break yet another National Record. Ujjawal also went ahead to become one of the very few individuals to hold both the 3X3 single and average records at the same time.

Here’s some pictures from this crazy action-packed competition.

"Delhi Cubing Heat Wave was a very well organised competition. All events seemed to run according to schedule, and the organisers were hardly ever behind. Finals also took place punctually, despite being in heats of 2 which usually takes a long time. My only complaint would be prohibition of non vegetarian food in the venue due to it being in a temple."

– Kunal Oak


Delhi Cubing Heatwave was a competition organized in affiliation with the World Cube Association. Hence , the results for this competition can be found at the link below. We congratulate everyone who participated in the competition and hope to see ya'll in the ones to come.