Phoenix Cube Championship 18



After months of organizing and learning from what we’d been doing, we were finally prepared for something big. Phoenix Cube Championship had to be the greatest and grandest competition we’d ever done and we wanted to make sure of it. With only one month in our hands, we had a lot to get done and little time to do it. We started off by hunting for venues, and hit the jackpot, getting what turned out to be one of the most ideal venues for a competition. Then we hunted for Sponsors and when Qiyi gave us a big yes , we knew we were onto something huge. 






National Records


Winning Avg

A look back ..

For us at Cubenama , Phoenix Cube Championship 18 was more than just a competition. All this time , we’d been so busy behind competitions and the store that we totally forgot, it has been almost half a year since  began functioning as a team. This meant a lot to us, and gave us hope for an amazing future at Cubenama. The competition was filled with emotions, and also with a ton of National Records.

Chetan Roger Dhanjal wrecked the Skewb single setting a new record with a time of 1.61 seconds. On day two, we had Bhargav Narasimhan beat his own best to get a 12.22 seconds 3×3 OH national record average , again ! This was followed with Alaik Bhatia finally getting the NR Square-1 average of 10.58 seconds who went on to with the competition with a 8.78 avg in the 3×3 finals. Here’s some pictures that were clicked during Phoenix Cube Championship 18. 

"Phoenix Cube Championship was an exciting, fun-frolic and stoic Mumbai competition. A lot of young and veteran talent competed and shared the joy of being a part of the speedcubing community. It was a rain battered but satisfying Mumbai competition."

– Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar


Phoenix Cube Championship 2018 was a competition organized in affiliation with the World Cube Association. Hence , the results for this competition can be found at the link below. We congratulate everyone who participated in the competition and hope to see ya'll in the ones to come.