Udaan Rubik's Cube Open 18



It isn’t the easiest of tasks, organizing your first competition, we had a lot of pressure on us the entire time. But this was our time to shine and we knew there wouldn’t me more if we did this wrong. Everyone at Cubenama worked around the clock and put in their all, and that’s how Udaan came about. This was “THE” competition for us, the one we’ll always remember, and for good. As for the participants, there’s only one thing we have to tell you, “There will be another Udaan Open!”.






National Records


Winning Avg

A look back ..

There’s two things that I remember particularly remember about URCO 18. One is Chetan smashing the Skewb National Record with an average of 2.96 secs. Will he get the ASR back? I certainly hope he does. The  second is Nikhil being an absolute beast at what he does, smashing the Megaminx National Record average with 48.10 secs and setting a crazy Guinness World Record one day prior to the competition.Something about these kids tells me that it won’t be too long before Indians start conquering World Records. But Records aren’t everything, while all of us came here to compete and break PB’s, that isn’t the entire story. That isn’t what cubing is to us. More than anything else, we were there for a community meet-up, to just hang around with the people we share common grounds with. Here’s some pictures that were clicked during Udaan Rubik’s Cube Open.

"Udaan open was the first good Mumbai competition in a while. It was ahead of schedule, had fun official events which took the pressure off and ran smoothly. Although there were certain drawbacks like the address being confusing, it was a good competition overall."

– Alaik Bhatia


Udaan Open was a competition organized in affiliation with the World Cube Association. Hence , the results for this competition can be found at the link below. We congratulate everyone who participated in the competition and hope to see ya'll in the ones to come.