Cubenama fam

It’s been a long ride , this one. I’ve been cubing for over 5 years now and I’m still stupid slow. But 5 years is enough to discover an amazing community and one in which you belong. That’s why I cube, it gives me a sense of belonging, it makes me want to do more, for myself and the community. I don’t see myself cubing forever, but I don’t see a reason to quit anytime soon. To me, speedcubing is a sport and the goal is to make the world realize it is one. Hopefully, one day we’ll get there.

Bhaktij Patil

web developer , events manager

Everyone has that one thing that means the world to them. For me that is cubing. The puzzle solving experience with its new challenges keeps me on a edge. Cubing has something for everyone. You can speedsolve, solve tricky puzzles, invent a puzzle, tackle stress and much more. The sheer disbelief in one’s eyes of how a person can take the simple solving of a Rubik’s cube to a whole different level fascinates me. Learning, teaching, modding, organising, breaking records and performing was only possible for me due to this puzzle. And I’m excited for what is it has store for me in future.

James Gonsalves

events manager ,

It’s almost been 2 years since I first created the Cubenama website. I initially made the website with the intention of providing cubing tutorials, but today it’s grown out to be so much more. What started of as a one man project is today handled by a team of speedcubers, all of which I met at competitions. It’s been fascinating for me, meeting new cubers of the community, finding people who share the same interests.Currently I handle the Cubenama store website and manage store operations.

Sharan Suvarna

web developer , STORE MANAGER

As a kid, the Rubik’s cube always intrigued me. After years of messing around with it, I finally learned to solve the cube in 2015 and was instantly hooked! I started attending competition after competition trying to get better every time.  It wasn’t too long before I found myself organising  Speedcubing tournaments. The sense of community is what keeps me going on the path to get cubing recognized as a sport!

Soham Adarkar

Marketing Head, Events Head

My journey started 5 years ago when a close friend of mine showed me how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I used to believe that solving a Cube was impossible but when I saw my friend do it in a minute I was awestruck . When I finally learned how to solve the puzzle, I wanted more and so I went on a search, only to find that there’s an entire community dedicated to solving the cube and puzzles alike. I’ve been speedcubing ever since and when I see more and more people join speedcubing , it makes me happy. I hope that the community keeps growing like it is today. I’ve no plans to quit, but even if I do, one thing is for sure that I will always support the sport and make it reach new heights.

Shantanu Awale

events manager

I’m no old school cuber and I do not have a long journey to talk about. But it doesn’t take a long journey to fall in love with speedcubing, and fallen in love, I have. My first competiton was in July 2016 and I still remember being a total noob at it. I’ve gotten better with time but there’s still a long way to go. When I started volunteering for the local competitions is when I got to know the community better. As I got to know more and more speedcubers, my love for the sport only increased. Today I’m a part of Cubenama, a platform that intends to bring in more people into the sport and I couldn’t ask for more.

Atharva Shrungare

Social Media head

It all started when I first saw a Rubik’s cube, after giving it a few minutes, I wondered how anyone could solve it and then Google came in for rescue. RCMO’15 introduced me to the speedcubing community and that’s where it all began. For me cubing is not about competiting, it’s about having something at all times, good and bad. It has helped me be patient in tough times and that matters a lot. I may not be here forever, but I’m sure that one random day as I grab a cube to see if I can still solve it, it will all come back to me. Cubing has made my journey of life better. Happy Cubing.

Vinay Kathole

events manager

Just a couple of years back, I was that person who just knew how to solve the cube. Last year, I discovered that there is more to it. There is SpeedCubing. Competitions. Community. Passion. Since then, I have learnt more about speed cubing and still there’s so much for me to discover. The fact that you can never be good enough drives me. I know that there are a million others like the past me who’re content with just solving the cube, and to them, I want to introduce speedcubing. I want to show them the amazing community that I’m a part of and welcome them to the family.

Amar Singh


I was always fascinated about space, cosmos and stuff which requires deep thinkig. I used to try solving the cube when i was a child but used to end up with one color. In 11th grade, i saw someone solve a mirror cube in the train and i got hitched. I juggled between tutorials and I was finally able to solve the Cube. Then there was no looking back. I went on a quest to solve various kinds of cubes. In my college I met Shantanu when i was hunting for cubers on the campus to form a club. That’s how i got into Cubenama and was officially a cuber. We organized a plethora of competitions and events and the journey has been exceptional. The best is indeed yet to come!

Musaddik Vasaikar