Rubik’s Cube Mosaic of Sir C.V. Raman

Rubik’s Cube Mosaic of Sir C.V. Raman for National Science Day 2019

Some facts to know


Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman (7 November 1888 – 21 November 1970) was an

Indian Tamil physicist born in the former Madras Province in India.


He discovered that when light traverses a transparent material,

some of the deflected light changes wavelength and amplitude. This phenomenon, subsequently

known as Raman scattering, results from the Raman effect.

National Science Day

Every year National Science Day is celebrated on 28th February to mark the discovery of Raman

Effect by Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on the same day in the year 1928, for which he

was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930.